MOSMAC Beitbridge: Implemented between 2015-2018

Partners: ResilientAfrica Network

Rural communities such as Beitbridge remain under-served in terms of connectivity (e.g. mobile networks, radio waves). Conventional approaches of providing access to ICTs in rural communities have failed to deliver. Furthermore, adding on to limited connectivity, most inhabitants of rural communities have limited income surviving on less than US$2 per day. Thus, considering the current pricing models for mobile services in rural communities, most are unable to afford the exorbitant prices. Often, households sacrifice essential goods and services (food and medical bills) to buy airtime recharge. MOSMAC is a project implemented in rural areas to improve access to ICTs (through a community information centre equipped with internet) in rural areas to bridge the information gaps. Currently, the project has completed the setup of a community information centre (with internet) and is focusing on training community members (equipping the community with skills) on using ICTs and applying technology to development cases.